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Oil Containment Boom

  • Contains oil & debris
  • Convenient, foldable, lightweight
  • 100', 50' sections
  • Vinyl coated polyester or nylon - ultraviolet resistant
  • Lead weights provide ballast
  • Works in currents up to 2 knots
  • 18" width - 6" above water - 12" submerged
  • Snap hooks & grommets for quick & easy connections
  • Aluminum universal connectors available
  • Custom sizes available
  • Excellent for marinas, fire departments, haz-mat response teams

Oil Spill Containment Boom


Galapagos Islands Protection Project
Navy Oil Terminal, La Libertad Ecuador
Navy oil terminal using Oil Spill Containment Booms in the Galapagos Islands Protection Project Navy oil terminal using Oil Spill Containment Booms in the Galapagos Islands Protection Project Using Oil Containment Booms in the Galapagos Islands Protection Project Using Oil Containment Booms in the Galapagos Islands Protection Project
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Oil Spill Containment Booms

River Boom
River Boom
Performance Boom
Performance Boom
Contractor Boom
Contractor Boom
4x6 Boom
4 x 6 Boom
Fence Boom
Fence Boom
Harbor Boom
Harbor Boom

Boom Float Size Draft Wt./Ft. Cube
4 x 6
6 ft.(3)
31 ft.(3)
31 ft.(3)
33 ft.(3)
21 ft.(3)
58 ft.(3)

Although the Oil Containment Booms listed are standard, Boom Environmental recommends custom designing specific booms to solve unique problems. What this means is that the standard designs are available with a variety of fabric options, flotation sizes, load-bearing and ballast members, connectors and lengths. When a variation on a standard design won't work, we design to meet the requirement.

Shoreseal Boom

Shoreseal Boom

Shoreseal Booms are designed to provide a positive seal to the bottom in shoreline areas for oil containment. The oil spill containment boom configuration consists of a top air tube and double lower water tubes. This insures oil containment boom stability over a wide range of shore profiles.

Features Include:
High Strength Polyurethane Coated Fabrics in a Variety of Weights and Substrates
High Buoyancy to Weight Ratios
Low Storage Volume Requirements
Large Diameter Fill Valves
Options to Satisfy Unique conditions

Top Air
Tube Ht.
Lower Water
Tube Ht.
Fabric Weight
50 ft.
26 oz.
ASTM or Slide
50 ft.
26 oz.
ASTM or Slide
50 ft.
26 oz.
ASTM or Slide
50 ft.
32 oz.
ASTM or Slide

The Compactable Boom™
A totally new concept in oil spill containment boom, so unique it's patented.

The Compactable Boom™ is designed for long term storage of large amounts of oil containment boom in a small, compact space or reel, ready for quick response to a oil spill containment emergency. No springs, hinges, coiled wire or similar parts which can set or rust are used in the Compactable Boom™. This eliminates the potential for oil spill containment boom failure from these types of parts. The reserve buoyancy of the Compactable Boom™ insures that it will float and contain, even if the fabric is cut or torn.

The Compactable Boom™ is quite different internally than other oil containment booms. Inside the flotation pocket are multiple flotation disks, attached to each other by four supporting lines. These disks provide the reserve buoyancy. The supporting lines, when under tension, cause the disks to stand up, giving the oil containment boom a flotation height equal to the diameter of the disks.

This construction gives the Compactable Boom™ its unique characteristics: compactability, reserve buoyancy, simplicity and durability.

Compaction ratios from 4:1 to 7:1 are available to meet your requirements.

Compactable Boom

The compactable Boom™ is available in a wide range of freeboard/skirt sizes. Standard section length is 33 feet.*

Several means of storage are available for the Compactable Boom™. They include standard shipping containers, aluminum dock boxes, lightweight storage tubes, or aluminum boom reels. All of these help to make storing, deploying and repacking a simple task.

*Custom sizes and lengths available. Please consult factory for details.

Model No.
Float Size
4 in. diameter
8 in.
0.9 lbs.
22 oz./sq. yd.
6 in. diameter
12 in.
1.5 lbs.
22 oz./sq. yd.
9 in. diameter
10 in.
2 lbs.
22 oz./sq. yd.
10 in. diameter
20 in.
2.6 lbs.
22 oz./sq. yd.
12 in. diameter
18 in.
2.8 lbs.
22 oz./sq. yd.

Related Equipment

Mop Wringer Oil Skimmer
The Mop Wringer Oil Skimmer represents a simple reliable oil skimmer for deployment in sumps, separators, vertical shafts and for oil spill response and is available in electric, diesel, gasoline or hydraulic drives and variable speed controllers. This skimmer system is completely explosion proof and safe in hazardous environments and designed for continuous operation. The Mop Wringer can be equipped with a timer for periodic maintenance recovery of floating oil in settling basins. Also, listed below are options for extension Boom to deploy the mop out into the basin and transfer pump to deliver recovered oil to disposal sites.

MW62 Mop Wringer/Trailer
MW62 Mop Wringer/Trailer

MW62 Skid Mount
MW62 Skid Mount

Boom Environmental recommends a Vertical Mop Wringer for use in concert with Sweep Containment Boom. The Vertical Mop Wringer is excellent for fast water deployments as this system does not require vessel mooring or maneuvering in the water for recovery. The vertical mop skimmer can be deployed over the side of a vessel or dock without introducing persons into the river. This skimmer has a very high oil and low water recovery ratio and is operator friendly. This type of skimmer is not affected by sea state or wind as most floating oil skimmers. The oil recovery system is field tested and in operation in many countries worldwide.

Hydra Vac
The Hydra Vac is a mobile, multi-purpose cleaning system for industrial use and oil spill response. A diesel engine powered vacuum pump generates vacuum from the suction staff and three (3) different suction heads for different recovery sites such as sand, cement or water.

Oily debris, water and oil can be recovered and delivered into storage drums or a portable Hopper unit. Different vacuum levels can be achieved to accommodate available recovery devices.

The Hydra Vac is equipped with a "High Pressure Washer Unit" with an eductor system capable of monitoring oil dispersant usage for cleaning equipment, removing contamination and broadcasting onto oil spills.

Disc Skimmer

The Morris Disc Skimmer is designed to recover oil and other hydrocarbon products with a greater than 98% oil to water ratio. The Disc Skimmer recovery is governed by the variable disc skimmer speed. Each skimmer head has four banks of discs and is driven by two (2) hydraulic motors mounted inside the skimmer head.

The skimmer head is married to a hydraulic power pack which is diesel driven and wheel mounted in tubular frame with lifting eye. The diesel motor is equipped with electric and hand/manual start. The power pack generates hydraulic pressure to rotate the discs in the skimmer head and power the recovery pump positioned on the power pack. The diaphragm pump can also operate independently of the disc skimmer accommodating other applications such as product transfer, sump and tank servicing, shoreline and riverbank flushing of spilled oil and other pump applications.

MI-2 Disc Skimmer


Air or electric 12VDC
2 tops per hour capacity
Lightweight - 40 lbs.
98% efficiency
Good for Jet Fuel, diesel & lubes

MI 11/24 NEW!

15 tons per hour capacity
7 hp diesel hydraulic power pack
190 lbs.
98% efficiency
Good for Jet Fuel, Diesel, lubes & up to #4 Fuel Oil

MI 11/24 Disc Skimmer
MI-30 Disc Skimmer


30 tons per hour capacity
10 hp diesel hydraulic power pack
Good for Jet Fuel, diesel & lubes & Industrial Fuel oil
250 lbs.


50 tons per hour capacity
37 HP diesel hydraulic power pack
Brush banks available for cold/heavy fuel oil
Hose reel for hydraulic &
discharge hoses
All aluminum construction
550 lbs.

MI-50 Disc Skimmer
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